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The Best Small Home Office Décor Ideas

03 Mar , 2021

With working from home becoming increasingly more common, giving your home office a spruce up can transform your workspace and make you more productive. Unlike your work office, which is often bland and corporate looking, you can create whichever style you like when you work from home. However, finding home office décor ideas can be challenging, so to help you we have put together some of our favorite small home office ideas for small spaces. The right décor can make you more motivated to work, boost your mood, and make you more productive. From new wallpaper and plants to upgrading your equipment, small home office ideas come in all shapes and sizes!

The best home office ideas for small spaces

If you work from home and are seeking home office ideas for small spaces, then here are some easy ways to transform your workspace:

1) Rotate the layout

If you have found yourself working from home more frequently, then you might have simply set up your desk in the first place you thought of and left it there. One of the easiest work from home office upgrades you can make is to simply rotate your office around. Try placing your desk in different locations within the room and seeing how it works. Ensuring you get plenty of natural light is essential, so try putting your desk closer to the window. You should also try to create as much space as possible in the room, helping to make it feel more open as this can make you feel calmer and more relaxed.

The Best Small Home Office Décor Ideas

2) Declutter your desk

Do you find yourself often working in clutter? Unlike your regular work office, when you work from home, you rarely have the same level of storage. This can lead to your desk quickly becoming cluttered, resulting in you feeling more stressed and tense. Where possible, try to focus on creating a minimalist approach. Investing in a suitable storage solution that matches the rest of the décor of your room will help you to keep those files and papers tidied away. A storage solution does not need to be a bulky filing cabinet, though. Instead, consider installing unique shelving or furniture with hidden compartments.  

The Best Small Home Office Décor Ideas

3) Ditch the sit-down desk

Many people who work from home feel that they must opt for the traditional large sit-down desk; however, this is not always the best solution for small spaces. If you are looking for small home office ideas, then consider creating a unique workstation in your home or purchasing a standing desk. A standing desk, such as the Hart 2-Tier Mobile Standing Desk we offer here at Qwork, can help to significantly reduce the total space taken up in your room. Our Hart standing desk is incredibly sturdy, crafted from MDF and steel, and can help you to reduce back pain and correct your posture as you work. These desks are designed to be used while standing, helping you to reduce the amount of time spent sat down. However, the Hart 2-Tier Mobile Standing Desk can also be lowered, allowing you to use it as a normal desk.

The Best Small Home Office Décor Ideas

4) Create a partition

One of the most popular work from home office upgrades is to create a partition or curtain to hide your workspace when not in use. When you work from home, it can be very difficult to ‘switch off’ from work, and your work/life balance can suffer accordingly. Adding a way to hide your desk will not only help to make your room more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also help you to define your working hours more clearly.

The Best Small Home Office Décor Ideas

5) Choose the right furniture

If you are looking for small home office ideas, then consider opting for furniture designed for smaller rooms. Opting for furniture that is too big can end up with your room feeling cramped and very cluttered. Choosing small office items and opting for desks and chairs that are more leggy and not bulky or boxy can help open your room out further.

The Best Small Home Office Décor Ideas

6) Add a splash of color

When it comes to finding work from home office upgrades, adding a splash of color is a fantastic way to transform any room. Even in the smallest of spaces, a pop of color can help to break up the aesthetics and help to keep you motivated and inspired throughout your working day. Adding color can come in a wide range of options, from painting your walls and adding stylish wallpaper to opting for bright artwork. If you are looking for home office décor ideas, then play around with various options until you find the perfect solution for you.

The Best Small Home Office Décor Ideas

7) Choose the right chair

If a standing desk is not quite right for your needs, then ensuring you have the right office chair is crucial. You will spend hours a day in your chair, so you need to ensure it is able to provide you with the support and comfort that you require. However, when it comes to the right home office décor ideas, finding the right chair is essential to the aesthetics of your room. At Qwork, we have a wide range of office chairs that are able to meet every style. Our popular Milo Ergonomic Office Task Chair is a great addition to any small workspace. Offering users a wide range of adjustability, it features a synchro-tilt mechanism that helps to enhance your posture alongside a high-quality seat sponge for maximum comfort. It is also an incredibly lightweight and compact design, ensuring it fits seamlessly into the smallest of spaces.

The Best Small Home Office Décor Ideas

8) Utilize wall-mounted equipment

Another popular desk idea for small spaces is to ditch the bulky monitors and opt for wall-mounted monitors and equipment. This will help you to reduce the area it takes up on your worktop, which in turn will help you opt for a more compact desk. Allowing you to optimize your work space by keeping equipment off the desk and floor.

The Best Small Home Office Décor Ideas

Looking to bring your home office décor ideas to life?

Are you looking to bring your home office ideas for small spaces into reality? With more of us working from home nowadays, creating a space that fits into your home, is able to keep you motivated, and inspire you when you need it most can be a challenge. Here at Qwork, we know how important your home office is, which is why we believe in providing our customers with affordable office equipment that does not sacrifice on quality. No matter the décor that you envision, our range of high-quality and ergonomically designed equipment will seamlessly blend in with your room while providing you with the ultimate comfort and support. We provide a wide range of sophisticated and stylish office equipment designed for your home office. From office desks and task chairs to standing desks and accessories, you will be able to find it all in our online store. So no matter what you are envisioning for your small office décor, check out our range today and bring your vision to life!

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