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Simple Steps To Better Posture While Sitting

16 Sep , 2020

The average person spends more than half their day sitting. People with longer commutes, spend even more time sitting. This probably isn’t shocking anymore. There are dozens of studies published in the past few years that people need to correct their sitting posture. You might be thinking, yeah well, I have to work at least 8 hours a day there’s nothing I can do to prevent  long hours at my desk, What if I told you that fixing your posture can make a huge difference in your life and your health? Let’s dive into some simple steps you can take to correct your posture.

Qwork Simple Steps To Better Posture

What Is Good Posture?

Good posture means that your body is correctly aligned and supported by the right amount of muscle tension. 

Get An Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic chairs don’t have to break the bank. We’re not taking about getting a Herman Miller chair. Which is basically the Louis Vuitton of office furniture. You can find ergonomic chairs from $80 to $200. Investing in an ergonomic office chair that has built in lumbar support is a game changer when it comes to correcting posture. Plus, office chairs that have adjustable headrests, armrest, and seats are great because they can be customized to fit your body. The more comfortable you are the more productive you are.

How To Improve Posture At Your Desk

Adjust your ergonomic chair seat so your feet are resting flat on the floor and your knees are even with your hips. Knees should be bent at a natural 90 degrees.  Don’t sit with your legs crossed at your computer chair. It will restrict blood flow and cause strained muscles. This helps distribute your body weight evenly. Make sure you are sitting at the end of your seat and not at the edge. Sit tall and roll your shoulders back and release tension without slouching. Your elbows should be at your side in an L-shape. An adjustable armrest office chair can be very beneficial. Position all your office accessories including mouse, keyboard, and phone within arm’s reach while you’re sitting. You don’t want to strain or tweak your back reaching for items that aren’t very accessible. Okay now that’s a lot to remember. 


Qwork Simple Steps To Better Posture

Practice Good Posture Daily

Now that you have how to sit with good posture down. How do you break your old sitting habits and remember to sit with good posture? Come up with a system that works best for you. Whether you are working from home or at your business office. Maybe leave a sticky note or hang a frame with a person sitting with great posture above your desk. I suggest checking in throughout the day. Maybe set a calendar reminder. Plus, it can also be a reminder to get up and stretch or walk around.

The Takeaway:

Invest in an affordable ergonomic office chair. There are many advantages of ergonomic furniture. Trust me it’s worth it and you don’t have to lose a whole paycheck over it. The health benefits of an ergonomic chair alone make it worth it. Ergonomic desk chairs are made to support your body and reduce fatigue and stress. When the chair is adjusted properly to suit you, it becomes much easier to maintain a healthy posture. Remembering to sit back in your chair with your shoulders rolled back and feet parallel on the floor, isn’t as easy as you think. I recommend adding reminders to your calendar throughout the day to adjust our posture. It can also double as a reminder to stand up, stretch, and walk around. Remember comfort is key and good posture takes some getting used to. You will be more productive in the long run.


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