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Office Chairs vs. Gaming Chairs: Which One Is Right for You?

04 Feb , 2021

If you’re shopping for a comfortable desk chair, you might be surprised to learn that there is an incredibly wide variety of options to choose from. Between style, ergonomics, color, materials, and a host of other features, it can be difficult to find the one that’s perfect for you. What’s more, desk chairs can be split up into two categories:  Office chairs and gaming chairs. However, just because something’s labeled as a “gaming chair” doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for gamers, and vice versa. When it comes to comfort and performance, it’s worth understanding the differences between gaming chairs and office chairs so that you can choose the right one for you. Let’s take a closer look at the two categories and the factors that you should consider when buying your ideal chair.

Your Set Up Comes First

gaming set up

Before deciding which chair is right for you, there are a few things to consider. First and most importantly, how are you planning on using your chair? For example, is it for a home office or a gaming set up? While there are chairs that can serve either (or both), knowing what type of desk you have and its height can make a big difference. You also should consider what your ergonomic needs are. For example, most office and gaming chairs allow you to adjust the height, but some have a wider range, which is important to consider if you’re either shorter or taller than average, as finding the right height is essential to sitting ergonomically and comfortably. You also need to consider how much time you’ll be spending sitting in the chair. If it’s a home office, for example, you might not sit in it for more than eight hours a day. If it’s for a gaming set up, though, you might be sitting in it for considerably longer periods of time. This will likely make certain comfort features a higher priority for you.

Why an Office Chair Is Right for You

ergonomic office chair

Forget for a moment whether you’re using this chair for an office or for gaming. Let’s focus on one thing:  the features that will entice you to pick one chair over another. First and foremost, there are the comfort and ergonomics features. A good office chair should have lumbar support to keep your posture straight, as well as adjustable arm rests that can help your arms at a maintain a 90° angle while working. The Coru High-back Mesh Task Chair is a great example of an ergonomic office chair that provides these basic features as well as a few others thrown in for extra comfort. An adjustable headrest gives you additional neck support, while it’s breathable mesh backrest and breathable seat cushion offer excellent comfort that will last throughout the day. What’s more, its center tilt feature allows you to freely and easily recline, which increases circulation and reduces pressure points.

Another important factor to consider is the chair’s materials. While the Coru’s mesh back and cushion are certainly comfortable, some materials provide an even higher level of enjoyment, with a little luxury to boot. While the breathable mesh of the Coru is great, sometimes you want something a little extra. Take the Liam Executive Office Chair, for example. Designed for extreme comfort, the Liam is made from soft bonded leather that’s both supple and resilient. The headrest, armrests, and seat cushion are all made from high-density foam, offering a plush seating. In terms of ergonomics, the Liam has all the features you’d want:  adjustable height, adjustable recline, and a 24” wide seat that supports a 250 lb. max capacity. All these features are great and can make a huge difference in your experience both working and gaming. That said, let’s compare them to some features found in some gaming chairs.

Why a Gaming Chair Is Right for You

Labradores Racing Gaming Chair

Most high-quality gaming chairs have many of the same features as office chairs:  adjustable height and armrests, lumbar support, etc. Those are just par for the course, and some might wonder if gaming chairs are worth it. However, some gaming chairs take this to an extreme. For example, the Labradores Racing Gaming Chair can fully recline, allowing the user to stretch out entirely. This is ideal for those long gaming sessions that stretch into the wee hours of the morning. It also includes an extra headrest and waist pillow, providing maximum levels of support. Other chairs, such as the EcLife Reclining Racing Gaming Chair offer an additional retractable leg rest, allowing you to fully stretch out and game all day (and night) in total comfort. Gaming chairs also offer unique designs, such as racing stripes and bright colors that are not as common in office chairs. While some might consider them unprofessional looking, gaming chairs offer a certain style that either appeals to you or it doesn’t. It all comes down to your personal taste, of course.


The truth is that there are office chairs that can be good for gaming and gaming chairs that can be good for working. As you can see, there are few reasons why you wouldn’t want the comfort features found in a gaming chair for an office chair. Imagine if you could make calls all day while reclining comfortably. Or banging out code. Or just writing emails. If comfort is your top priority, then a gaming chair to use in your office can be a good choice. Conversely, you might want a chair that says, “I’m in charge,” in which case, an office chair like the Liam Executive certainly sends that message. Or, if you’re a gamer, you might want something that’s both lightweight and comfortable with ergonomic features, in which case the Coru is the obvious pick. Luckily, Qwork Office Furniture has plenty of styles and models of both office and gaming chairs to choose from. But if you’re having trouble deciding, contact us to speak to a professional who can guide you to find the seat that’s perfect for your, regardless of how you decide to use it. 


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