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6 Simple Steps For Perfect Desk Cable Management

19 Oct , 2020

Creating the perfect office environment can be very challenging. You may end up having unorganized cables that can be a tripping hazard and make the office space unappealing. Thankfully, there are methods you can use to get past that challenge, and it’s all about having the best desk cable management that really works for you. Here are 6 simple steps to perfect desk cable management. 

Qwork Office Desk Cable Management

1. Disconnect everything and identify what every cable is doing for you. 

In order to do proper cable management, you need to figure out exactly what each cable is doing and where it comes from. You will be able to use cable organizers and connect cables that are very close to each other. Not only is this going to help organize things easier, but the overall results will be improved too.
 Qwork home office cable management


2. Figure out where you can add the power strip

A lot of people choose to just add a power strip to the nearest power outlet. Then you can start adding your cables to it. The options here differ based on your needs. It might be a good idea to put it on the underside of the desk. There’s also the option to hide it on the floor. You can hide it between other furniture pieces and objects or between the wall and your desk. A cable management box is a sleek and stylish way to hide your power strip and cables. Plus, it keeps both pets and children away from cords and protects from dust and spills.

Qwork Home office cable management

3. Adding cable management features

Some desks might have their own cable management features. Even if they are not ideal, they still can work. That is definitely something that you want to take into consideration. If your desk doesn’t have such a system, you can add a cable management compartment like the J Channel from Amazon or the IKEA Signum. You can also go ahead and drill some holes into your desk. It might seem crazy, but the system itself works really well and that’s exactly the approach you want to go for. It’s also a good idea to use grommets in order to make the entire system look nicer. It will just bring in a more professional appeal to the home office cable management, and that’s the crucial thing to keep in mind.

Qwork Home office cable management

4. Mounting monitors

It’s a very good idea to use monitor arms to free up desk space and safety mount your monitor. You will have a dedicated arm which also holds your cables, so everything looks and feels seamless. Plus, you can move the monitor around with ease. It’s also possible to wall mount the monitor. In this case you need cable organizers that have the same color as the wall. These will hide the monitor cables, making everything feel tidy and organized.

Qwork Home Office Monitor Mounting

5. Routing your cables

You will now have to reconnect everything and guide/hide the cables via your cable management system. If you see any loose ends, then the best approach is to use cable clips, Velcro cable ties or zip ties. Make sure that you only tie together cables that are close to each other. This will make the entire system a lot easier to route. If you encounter any stray cable, a very good idea here is to use cable clips. This will keep them tight to the desk.

Qwork Home office cable management

6. Using a cable sleeve

It makes sense to use a cable sleeve if you have a group of cables showing. The cable sleeve will group everything together, normally it’s hard to spot it since it’s positioned under the desk. This makes it easier not to trip on any cables. Once you use this system, everything will look neat and tidy. Remember that you can achieve great results just with zip ties and a few cable organizers. You don’t really need a cable sleeve unless you have a ton of cables near one another which feel very bulky and which also look unappealing.


Proper home office cable management can help you save a lot of time and you will find yourself less challenged by all those cable management tasks. Of course, it takes some time to organize, but the truth is that with some trial and error, you will be able to make it work. Remember, to be patient with cable management. You will need to adjust accordingly and purchase the necessary accessories to make it work for your needs.



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